When You Were Young

If this hadn’t happened to me, who would I be?

When You Were Young is a documentary film by Tracey Quezada Productions.

Synopsis:  Aqueila is an Oakland native and aspiring poet passionately pursuing a life in the arts while dogged by a dark past she only vaguely remembers.  For her audiences, fellow artists, and peers she presents herself as a woman living her best life, the story behind the scenes is more complicated. When ongoing struggles with her family are compounded by her failure to find and keep steady employment and an unexpected eviction notice at her relatively new rental triggers a series of disturbing flashbacks Aqueila faces the family secret head on, ultimately making a choice as brave as it is rare: to reckon with and speak out about the legacy of family / intergenerational sexual abuse, silence, and shame that has plagued her family and community for too long.