Roguelike Celebration

Roguelike Celebration is a community-generated weekend of talks, games, and conversations about roguelikes and related topics, including procedural generation and game design. It’s for fans, players, developers, scholars, and everyone else!

The term “roguelike” refers to a niche genre of computer games that has had an enthusiastic following since 1980. Most roguelikes are made by independent developers and hobbyists, and they tend to be built with personal visions first and commercial considerations second, if at all. They tend to have small but highly dedicated fanbases.

Our mission is to bring together creators, players, and enthusiasts of the form, and to distribute knowledge of roguelike history, development techniques, and other aspects of the form. There are many large commercial conferences about computer games, including massive industry conferences for developers (Game Developers Conference) and conferences of fans of a specific company (BlizzCon), but smaller and less-commercial areas of interest are less well-served. We support independent and small-group production of creative works that don’t necessarily get sold by video game publishers or fit into commercial models of success.

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