Pure 1

Pure 1’s ultimate mission is to help people break free from the cycles of poverty, mass incarceration, and homelessness.

Despite spending over $295 billion on the criminal justice system in 2016, a 9-year study completed in 2018 by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, reports recidivism rates as high as 83%. A lack of higher education and housing stability are two major contributing factors. Various studies have shown the inter-relationships between homelessness, incarceration, and a lack of education.

At Pure 1, we believe that education is the key to lowering recidivism, reducing homelessness, and creating safer and healthier communities. Through a unique service delivery, which incorporates technology, the arts, media, and journalism, we educate the public, facilitate both individual and systemic change, and promote accountability at all levels. Our collaborations with key service providers ensure that our community members have the tools, support, and accessibility needed to gain housing stability and the education required to earn a sustainable living wage.