Powered by Music

Music is a power of communication - a power through sound that brings people together as one


POWERED By MUSIC's core mission is to foster community engagement and learning among children and families by exploring world music, cultural inspiration, and creative expression. In keeping with this mandate, we facilitate an educational environment that is both innovative and inclusive and that encourages participants of all ages to engage with diverse cultures and traditions from around the globe.

We co-create through the power of music. Our multicultural commUNITY events and projects are the voice that benefits the cause. The gift is creating, producing, and making it happen. 

Collaborating ideal relationships and strategic alliances helps us to partner with resources that engage in diverse institutions to support our beneficiaries with music education, healthy foods, and a positive environmental impact in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, the US, and abroad.

All music events, projects, and educational programs we create are for the soul purpose of Connecting4Cause.


The "Are You Ready to Learn with Andre Thierry" music program combines traditional and newly composed music, exploring the French Kreole culture and Zydeco Music of Southwest Louisiana.

The artist Andre Thierry exhibits interactive ways to share a mix of African and Native American Blues and French Kreole dance melodies with elements of Afro-Caribbean music. Children and their families enjoy singing and dancing together with the artist. He introduces vest rub boards, drums, and accordions, all popular Zydeco instruments. 

The music education program inspires individuals of all ages, offering engaging assemblies and workshops. The curriculum includes many activities, from simple introductions to complete rhythmic interactive experiences. Participants can enjoy listening and guessing games, learning music vocabulary, creating songs with the artist, and performing live. Our commUNITY gatherings are hosted in larger venues and focus on multicultural music, food, and dancing! Visit AndreThierry.com for more!



For more information please contact us at info@poweredbymusicllc.com