Novelly is on a mission to publish literature by diverse youth authors and to get youth authors taught in 8th to 12th-grade English Language Arts (ELA) classrooms so that every student can feel seen and inspired by what they read in school.

Novellyʼs latest iteration of its youth publishing program will run virtually once per year in the summer. It aspires to be one of the most intensive creative writing programs for teenagers. The program will serve a cohort of 10 talented and diverse young writers annually, recruited through our existing partnerships with youth writing programs, such as 826. This will result in 10 pieces of literature, each ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 words depending on the genre, published by each cohort.

Our goal for each cohort is that all 10 will graduate as “author-advocates,” confident in their ability to promote positive social change through their writing and to grow as artists and creatives. Our goal for our library of youth-authored literature is that students reading the library will be more engaged and will have improved reading, writing, engagement, and socio-emotional learning outcomes.

Lastly, our goal for the youth publishing field is a cultural shift towards seeing young people as artists whose work is worthy of being read, discussed, and taught by youth and adults alike.


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