Mpowerdance Project questions the dominant human-centric view of our place in the natural world, using interdisciplinary and interactive mediums of dance, art, film, and performance. With skill, research, memory, and experience, we deliver an engaging performance that resonates with the wonders found in the wild, among humans, among nature, exploring the mystery of unity in diversity in co-existence.

MpowerDance Project is a member of the San Francisco non-profit dance community through Independent Arts and Media. We've been making dance since 1992. Our Project offers interdisciplinary performance works, dance training, process, performance opportunities and collaborations with dancers, artists, writers and filmmakers, musicians, connecting community experience through dance and media. We maintain high artistic content through Butoh-influenced contemporary dance, multidisciplinary innovations.


In 2012, MpowerDance created the Global Dance Project (GDP), a virtual choreographic endeavor that develops both local (San Francisco) and global community participation using dance and media, with the artistic emphasis on relationship and sustainability with each other and to all life on planet earth. 

MpowerDance Project journeys into Dance and Camera in San Francisco. Dance with camera entices the viewer to feel and find meaning, without words first, but with movement or stillness in both dancer and camera. We joyfully and respectfully explore interactive dance in nature. We create full length choreographed productions with comment on human-centric views, climate change, trauma and/or recent events. We are committed to inclusion and social awareness.


Mpowerdance Project Trailer June 2020

For decades, with one compelling performance after another, Mary Power and her Mpowerdance Project have kept up a shamanic drum beat, summoning the forces of nature and the depths of the human soul. To bear witness to the exquisite beauty of Gaia and the utter interdependence of all life.

Integrating dance, art, film, music, and spoken word into a powerful somatic language, timeless, archetypal, universal, grieving, and celebratory all at once. The liberating power of truth. The redeeming power of love. The creative power of forests, seas and psyches. This four-minute film captures the essence of what mpowerdance project offers us in these perilous times, and provides an insightful glimpse into the richness of Mary Power’s sustained vision.