Mendocino Voice

The Mendocino Voice is a locally owned and independent online news outlet providing useful news for all of Mendocino County, founded in 2016.

We started this online newspaper to fill what we see as an important gap in Mendocino news — with small budgets, print newspaper deadlines, and lack of local control, local news services are having a hard time adapting to the new reality of news created by the internet. We know this intimately because we all used to work at local papers and radio stations.

Though the internet has brought new challenges to news media, it’s also created a host of new opportunities. The instant nature of online news allows us to do breaking coverage of events as they happen, and unlimited space allows us to do in-depth coverage of county issues that can be hard to do with print deadlines. It also lets us provide supplementary documents, special videos of events, audio and continuing, updated coverage as news develops.


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