Hope's Edge




The mission of this women-led audio drama project is to write and produce stories whose characters grapple with the lived effects of cis heteropatriarchy, misogyny, and caste. HOPE’S EDGE, inspired by a short story by lead artist A. Lolade Gbadebo, centers around Hedy Bell, a Black career academic and biomedical researcher who wakes up in a shallow grave without her fiance, engagement ring, or any memory of how she got there. She must overcome her reliance on rules to expose the corrupt underbelly of the small, cloistered town she finds herself in and bring her assailant to justice.

In HOPE'S EDGE, the personal is political in both the project and the creative process. Currently, men hold ninety-five percent of audio and media production roles, and representation of women and gender-nonconforming folks in STEM-related fields
remains on the decline. The project’s focus on the experience of a Black woman with a successful career in STEM who must overcome her fear of failure to fight corruption and injustice is itself a radical act.