HÄXÄN Festival

Haxan Film Festival poster from 2017HÄXÄN Festival is a Bay Area film festival focusing on local filmmakers exploring psychic and mystic connections through experiments in video and film.  HÄXÄN presents the kitsch of New Age pop culture alongside ancient sacred and mythological practice, as both serve as interesting avenues into this distinct cultural expression.  We propose that ancient spiritual practice sifted through modern everyday interpretation has blossomed into what we have named the “Personal Occult.”  We are looking for works that take this premise and make it personal and real, focusing on short experimental works which explores magic, gender subversion, mysticism, ritual, and connections to the earth and nature.

The HÄXÄN Festival also seeks to make a more effective context for artist made films in our community by broadening the audience for experimental film while working within the cultural microcosm of the occult.  In addition to films we will be exhibiting segments of music, performance, and sculpture to bring HÄXÄN to life as a full festival.  HÄXÄN will also publish a program zine with original art and writing.  By being open to interdisciplinary modes of exhibition, HÄXÄN Festival remodels the idea of the traditional film festival into a more contemporary, adaptive cinematic experience.