Harvard FL&R

Logo for Harvard FL&R (pronounced "Flare")Harvard Alumni for Fashion, Luxury & Retail or “Harvard FL&R” was founded to bring sustainability, justice, and equity to the FL&R industries through education, networking, and charitable action. Our group is 1 of 60 Shared-Interest Groups officially recognized by the Harvard Alumni Association. SIGs are meant to connect Harvard’s 400,000 living alumni around the world to one another and their alma mater, allowing for connections around common interests that can transcend borders, ethnicities, religions, age groups, gender identities, degrees & schools, and professional occupations. Harvard FL&R was founded not only for networking purposes, but also for educational and charitable purposes. Our diverse, global community consists of 500 members from 6 continents, 8 decades, and all 13 Harvard schools. Our programs strive to address social, racial, economic, and environmental justice within the fashion, luxury, and retail industries.


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Harvard FL&R's Event May 2022 - The Positive and Negative Effects of Fashion and Image on Mental Health

Harvard FL&R's Event February 2022 - The Complex Relationship Between Clothing and Women's Oppression, Exploitation & Empowerment