Girls Empowerment Through the Arts, National 


Photo of dark skinned girl standing at microphone in a recording studioGirls Empowerment through the Arts (GETA) National uses artistic practices to provide girls of color, ages 8 through 17, with an opportunity to develop and deepen their ability to express themselves, feel the power of their voice, and build confidence, self esteem, and positive ideas/feelings about themselves in order to combat the negative societal messages that they begin to receive from an early age.

The overarching goal of the GETA program is to combat the negative societal messages that black and brown girls begin to receive from a very early age by creating a space where girls of color are celebrated, encouraged, and supported to feel confident and strong as they develop their voice and share their ideas, emotions, and stories through artistic expression.

​GETA builds on the idea that creativity and artistic expression are abilities that all young people possess and the goal of the GETA program is to nurture these abilities and allow young girls of color to explore their voice as part of their developmental process. GETA provides girls of color with a safe space and artistic practices that support their personal growth and enrich their educational, professional, artistic, and leadership skills.  GETA takes a group of girls through a collective process of empowerment, which comes from each individual having their voice heard, their experiences validated, their wisdom and knowledge appreciated, and their narrative elevated.

The GETA program provides schools and youth programs with a structured program setting, artistic practices, and experienced artist/educators that support girls of color to think for themselves, build self confidence, work together in teams, foster creativity and innovation, and have a safe and courageous space where they can express their emotions, explore their ideas and feelings, develop a greater sense of themselves and a better understanding of how beautiful and amazing they are and how much they have to contribute to the world.