FORTHE is an ad-free, non-commercial, reader-supported, worker-owned digital media outlet that seeks to enrich civic life in Long Beach, California. We publish public-interest investigative reporting focused on housing affordability, police accountability, and environmental justice, as well as perspective pieces from individuals traditionally underrepresented in the media.

Through our one-of-a-kind ArtNotAds program, FORTHE also spotlights local artists of color and their artwork throughout our website.

Today, the FORTHE editorial collective is made up of eight members and various contributors, but it started out of a conversation between journalist Kevin Flores and poet James Andrew Carroll, who shared a desire to create a publication that would be capable of both watchdog journalism and providing a platform for local artists. logo

The idea resonated deeply with three local creators: community ambassador and editor Erin Foley, researcher Marc Cid, and group facilitator and organizer Nancy Lynee Woo, who jumped on board to help turn Kevin and Andrew’s visions into solid practice. In mid-2017, as FORTHE continued to evolve, another poet, Sheila Sadr, also joined the core staff.

In the wake of weeklies and local newspapers being bought out by investment firms and corporate interests, the group set out to create the framework for a more community-supported, diversely-staffed, ad-free, and culturally engaged publication.


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