Exposure investigates how pollution from militarization impacts our families and homes and explores relationships between the environment, nuclear weapons, love, and our bodies. The multi-media art series builds from the stories of Bay Area community heroes who are impacted by exposure to nuclear weapons and are dedicating their lives to create a healthier world.

Focused on the hidden impacts of nuclear weapons development in Livermore and legacy impacts from the Bayview naval shipyard, Exposure brings audiences into the experiences of violence caused by nuclear weapons and allows those impacted to dream of a future that disrupts systems of violence in our homes, communities, and world.

Project Director, Tara Dorabji is the daughter of migrants and a storyteller. Her debut novel, Call Her Freedom is the Simon and Schuster’s Books Like Us Grand Prize Winner. Her documentary film series on human rights defenders in Kashmir won awards at over a dozen film festivals throughout Asia and the USA.

Here is a link to view a past film by Dorabji, "Here Still", A Documentary on Torture in Kashmir.