Escolar is an art and design research collective working at the intersection of regenerative agriculture and cultural production within an anti-capitalist and de-colonial framework. 

Based near Santa Rosa, California, Escolar maintains a curatorial practice and an exhibition venue, a residency with production facilities and support, provide design and fabrication support for local activists and maintain a one-acre experimental farm with an emphasis on native flora.

  • We provide housing, food and production support for visiting and local artists.
  • We produce public art exhibitions and complementary workshops, talks and symposiums.
  • We foster a symbiotic relationship between cultural, agricultural and land-use practices.
  • We build linkages between theoretical and material labor/ modes of work.
  • We organize a space where creative work is separate from the cultural hierarchies and professional roles of global finance capital.
  • We develop, explore and deepen communal understandings of regionally specific land management practices and their histories.
  • We help provide local youth with access to a world class network of artists, musicians and thinkers.
  • We provide educational programs to emerging artists and the public on regenerative agriculture.