Delicious Future



Delicious Future is a social enterprise founded in Oakland in 2022 to accelerate the adoption of regenerative food for the health and wellbeing of our planet and our diverse communities. We act as the connective tissue between innovators and participants in our complex food ecosystem: food producers, chefs, families and consumers, artists engaging these issues, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Delicious Future produces positive, engaging, interactive experiences to explore answers to the critical questions: “what does the future of food look like for me and what does it mean for my family, community, and planet.” We partner with a wide range of creatives, culinary artists, and food system organizations to generate change - one positive experience at a time.



We are a group of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to democratizing the access to and the adoption of regenerative food. We share our passion for good food, community, and challenging the status quo. 

We believe that our individual everyday choices matter - and remind us of our power as citizens, consumers, and stewards of our land.

We welcome you to the future of food. It’s delicious.


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