Black & White Projects




Interested in content-driven work, Black & White Projects (BWP) promotes, exhibits, and produces work by interdisciplinary artists pushing formal and contextual boundaries and offers programming to facilitate conversation, experimentation, cultural and professional enrichment, and collaborative projects.

The exhibition program, founded in 2013 by artist/curator Rhiannon Evans MacFadyen, presents solo and group exhibitions, hosts on-site/open-hours residencies, co-produces publications and multiples, and offers public programs both on-site and in community. Driven by the founder/director’s ethos of “productive discomfort,” BWP is more than a gallery, it’s a communal space, a community of people, and a support system for artists and culture workers, prioritizing knowledge exchange and centering works and experiences of creatives who are intersectional and interstitial. The director’s goal is to make space for works that don’t “fit” in galleries or in Capitalist/Imperialist space. We offer the space for artists to use when their ideas outscale their own making spaces. We provide our artists and cultural producers professional, career, and project development, which has deepened while our public exhibition program has been on hold during the pandemic.

Our mission is to facilitate the creation of art and culture, honor people and process, hold space for communities’ needs, function as a laboratory for projects and professional models, foster mutual aid, and catalyze ongoing (and often difficult) conversations.


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