ARTS Contra Costa County (“ARTSCCC”) is a collaboration between cultural leaders whose focus is on an equitable and sustainable arts organization for Contra Costa County. We believe that artists and art organizations are an essential framework for strong communities and cross-cultural appreciation. We seek meaningful support for the creative sector to advocate, elevate, build and prosper. ARTSCCC seeks to continue its early efforts to position itself as the CAC designated State-Local-Partner for Contra Costa County. Early programming will include “Community Conversations” with artists and art organizations.

Of all California counties, Contra Costa County ranks #6 in diversity. In the United States, it ranks #15. Contra Costa County has had the lowest arts budget of all Bay Area counties despite having the 3rd highest population. Backed by the Pandemic Relief & Recovery: Emergency Funding & The Bay Area Arts Community report, limited funding opportunities for artists and art organizations have been devastating. San Francisco artists received 10x more grants than Contra Costa.

In 2022, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to dissolve their arts organization and support a new arts agency. The goal of ARTSCCC is to build a strong arts foundation for Contra Costa County that can support signature programs, artists, and art organizations.



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