Art Forces

Art Forces, formed in 2001, moves from the local to the global, from the streets of San Francisco Bay Area to Olympia Washington to refugee camps of Palestine and Lebanon. Through a range of cultural productions – including new-media, murals, exhibits, and events – Art Forces’ projects make visible histories and relationships that have been obliterated and forgotten; making connections to national and global issues of social justice, borders, precarity, migrations, and decolonization.

Working in the intersection of trauma, memory, creativity, resilience and resistance, making visible the connections between struggles for social justice globally and histories that have been obliterated or forgotten. The project aims to engage the public on multiple levels to create potential spaces for critical thinking and action that advances progressive social change. Art Forces works across movements – using culture to create alliances as well as perceptual ‘ruptures’ or ‘disturbances’ wherein people have the opportunity to see connections that they had not seen before, and to imagine new possibilities. Art Forces works in partnership with a wide range of organizations, from mental health programs in Gaza, to environmental organizations, to organizations providing material aid, to those organizing non-violent resistance in the USA.

Our ultimate goal is to use culture as an organizing tool to bring people together across movements. Our cultural products are then used by activists and organizers in their work to touch and move people.


Mural from West Bank, Palestine