Albany FilmFest

Albany FilmFest is a juried film festival that takes place each year in Albany, California. We are a showcase for original, compelling, independent short films from emerging and established Bay Area, national, and global filmmakers.  

Dedicated to building community, we’re a place to see movies not readily available elsewhere and to hear voices that are often under-represented. Place, climate, human relationships, music, resources, refugees, gender, age, income, housing, art ... all receive fresh, creative, and insightful exploration. 

Movie theater marquee reading Albany FilmFestAlbany’s position as a small town in the midst of an urban region rich in diversity, resources, and challenge is a tangible metaphor for the creative nexus that Albany FilmFest aspires to be. We are grateful for the valuable support of local citizens, business and government that welcomes unique perspectives. 

We nurture an atmosphere that encourages filmmakers and audience members to connect and engage. Filmmakers consistently praise Albany FilmFest as friendly, warm, and well-organized, calling our event “one of the best festival experiences I have had.”

Albany FilmFest's mission is to bridge community, business, and the arts, encouraging diversity, originality, creativity, and open and free communication.


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