AF by Christopher Tandy

Queer Infinite Energy is used to describe the worlds that AF is manifesting - a manifesto. Queerness is intrinsic - an assemblage of realities, identities, and worlds. It is an innate understanding of one’s situation in the universe, and in nature. Queerness is eternal and exists outside the frame of oppressive power structures. It is a state of being that is in flux, open, and inclusive.

AF is Queer. It is multifaceted and interconnected consisting of many different projects and modes of expression. Through drawings, rituals, site-specific installation, sculpture, experimental film, and print media AF explores, reveals, and inhabits a realm where all darkness is alive and beautiful.

Group of people looking at art pieces in a gallery

Blood Of A Fresh Kill is a bi-annual printed publication. The project aims to create new aesthetics and languages, using text and images in order to call attention to the numerous ways our culture worships toxicity. By exposing these systems of control, it also seeks to conjure Queer perspectives with the aim of creating new realities. AF gives voice to the immensity of Queerness. It builds spaces that wrap and hold people in mesmerizing darkness; spaces that facilitate a shift in being.