5 Elements Youth Program

5 Elements Youth Program uses hip-hop culture and Ethnic Studies to develop the social and emotional learning of young people through art, education, and civic engagement.

5E's mission is to explore new methods of promoting educational and personal development from elementary levels to transitional adulthood, providing supplementary services that will help young people define their own life goals and greater roles within the community. Through our educational activities involving art, academics, and social justice, we will use hip-hop culture as a vehicle to support young people in overcoming adversity to become the leaders of our future. We specialize in holistic youth leadership models that are tailored to be accessible for the youth we serve. We are dedicated to uplift youth leadership with culturally relevant, asset-based practices that cultivate shared-power and exploration for their self-determination and self-expression.

Starting in the Fall of 2015, 5 Elements has partnered with Peer Resources to bring our Hip-Hop Curriculum to two 6th grade classes at the new Willie Brown Middle School in the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco.